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BMW Motorcycle Owners of America

Medical Data Carrier For Motorcycle Helmets

The Medical Data Carrier products are a simple and very effective means for anyone to provide 911 and EMS with crucial information. A two sided, tear and water-proof synthetic paper contains information on the wearer’s identity and medical history including information such as allergies, medications, blood type and pre-existing medical conditions that assist first responders with the crucial triage stage of the wearer’s care. 

Made from a special, durable vinyl, the patented carrier is designed to be tamper proof, aerodynamic and weather proof. Adhesive is non exothermic so it will not damage the shell of your helmet. Bold text on the outside of the carrier warns Good Samaritan responders to leave helmet removal to those trained in the proper technique.

Useful for all types of activities. Grab one for your motorcycle helmet, bicycle, backpack or car window. Purchase includes a free mobile app to make data retrieval even easier. Reduced pricing for bulk purchases.


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